Polyamide EvOH sheets for thermoformed bases

Co-extruded film, made-up of 9 layers that contains EvOH in its polyamide structure. It is highly sealable and is provided in the form of a reel. It can contain medium to high barriers against oxygen; it ranges from 90 to 120 microns. Please consult sizes and primary properties. Sheets for thermoforming, known as bases (fondos), or the external film of the package must be used alongside another type of film called the lid, which is placed on the top of the packaging and the characteristics of the barriers for both types should be similar. These products can be provided under an inventory. If omething needs to be customized an order must be placed first.

  • Empaque
Tipo de presentación
  • Rollos
  • Alta sellabilidad variedad de barreras
Group companies that produce them
  • Technofilms S.A.
Production country
  • Guatemala