Stretch hood

Co-extruded film without a barrier; good optics and special mechanical resistance properties, it is appropriate for use in secondary or tertiary packaging. It is ideal for recycling and supports the circular economy. The film is presented in the form of tubular reels; the characteristics of the size and functions should be consulted beforehand. It is mainly used to compress products on pallets using the cold shrink technique in which the units on the pallet are confined within a single plastic cover. They are especially used to stow large volumes of material on pallets. It is easy to detect breaches because you can tell if the cover has been ripped. It is waterproof and can be used to store goods in open spaces. The surfaces of the product can be printed and pigmented. Please enquire about the minimum batch size.

  • Embalaje
Tipo de presentación
  • Rollos
  • Gran formato
  • Amplia gama de calibres
  • Resistencia mecánica
  • Con o sin impresión
Group companies that produce them
  • Technofilms S.A.
Production country
  • Guatemala